Dear Black Women

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Dear Black Women,

I just want to take a moment to say, “Thank You.” Thank you for teaching me about strength, endurance, determination, acceptance and most importantly LOVE. Thank you for sharing your #BlackGirlMagic with the world. I wish I could say that your accomplishments go unnoticed (yes you read correctly). But, it’s deeper than that. Your accomplishments do not go unnoticed instead, they go without being attributed correctly and that’s simply unfair.

There was a time that you intimated me. I use to be intimidated by your essence, your aura, your pure energy. I was intimidated because you were something I didn’t know. I was scared of the qualities you exuded in your everyday lives. Strength, Confidence, Power, Respect. All things which your very presence demands. Your very presence embodied everything I wish I could be and knew I was far too inept to actually become.

As life has carried on, God has strategically placed people in my life; women whom I respect, adore, and love with everything I have. You have taught me about finding the strength in myself. You’ve taught me to be confident in who I am as a woman. You have helped me shift the power from my fears to my faith. You have taught me the importance of respecting myself enough to let go of those who do not respect me.

I have embarked upon a journey of self-discovery. You have allowed me the honor of knowing your story and the history of black women and black culture. You have accepted me with all my flaws. When I look at the beautiful, strong, black women around me, whom are my dearest friends, I see the image of God that He created us all in.

I believe God designed my life to see the beauty in anyone and everyone. And I believe that He helped me love myself, by putting women in my life who once intimidated me – whom now empower me on a daily basis.

I want you to know that I appreciate so much about you. I am proud to know you. I am proud to love you. I am grateful for your poise and strength. I am honored to be inspired by you. Thank you for teaching me about loving myself and accepting myself. Thank you for loving and accepting me.

It hurts to see such a beautiful group of women go unappreciated in our society. It’s painful to watch the negative comments, the negative media coverage that sways the public perception of our culture. I thank God, for allowing me the opportunity to see past all of those things, and see the true beauty of the women and all your greatness that you possess.

Beautiful black women, keep being amazing. Please keep sharing your #BlackGirlMagic because it inspires everyone and God knows there are plenty of women who need your support an encouragement. KEEP BEING UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU! YOU ARE SIMPLY AMAZING.

Sincerely, LParks