I Won’t Stop Talking About Racism

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Again this morning I wake up to more disturbing news:

NYPD: Muslim Woman Set On Fire Just Before 9/11 Anniversary

and then I saw a news story about a 16 year old football player who moved out of the city of Cleveland to escape gun violence and was met with racial slurs in his locker room (View the Story Here).

I’m tired, ya’ll. I’m saddened. I’m disappointed. I’m sickened. My heart hurts to the point of exhaustion. AND I’M WHITE.

I am NOT going to stop sharing the stories, I’m not going to silence my disgust. I WON’T STOP TALKING ABOUT RACISM UNTIL RACISM CEASES TO EXIST….yes I will talk about it til the day I die because the amount of hate in our country is absolutely deplorable. I refuse to raise a child in this society accepting what society dishes out. I refuse to be a human being in this society that sits quietly while my brothers and sisters are treated inhumanely. I’m NOT going to be SILENT.

I in no way whatsoever think that ALL white people are racist, BUT our SILENCE is just as dehumanizing as those vocally racist. You don’t have to agree with me, I’m not looking for support of my beliefs. I SEE IT EVERYDAY…We sit in silence while people are burned for their religious beliefs. We sit in silence while our children are called “Ni**ers.” We sit in silence while our children call other children “Ni**ers.” We sit in silence while black men are killed by white police officers. We sit in silence while an entire city is fed poisoned drinking water. We sit in silence and accept police reports about how a black woman hanged herself in jail after being pulled over for failure to yield. We sit in silence while men are choked for selling cigarettes and shot dead for selling CDs. We sit in silence while our NATIVE AMERICANS fight for their land. We sit in silence while our women are raped and the men who do it get 3 months in jail. We sit in silence while our children are molested and their perpetrator gets 30 days. WE SIT IN SILENCE DURING MOMENTS OF INJUSTICE – but for some reason we don’t sit in silence when Colin Kaepernick sits or kneels during the national anthem. We’re not silent when he wears socks that have pigs with police hats on.

We sit in silence while people die, but have crazy vocal voices when we feel like the flag is disrespected. We tear up at the national anthem in respect for our veterans who’ve lost their lives protecting our freedoms, but we don’t speak up when 19 veterans commit suicide EVER SINGLE DAY.

 If the things I write offend you – then keep reading, because I’m offended that we sit so silently in the comfort of our denial.

This morning my friend sent me a text and ask if I could take her son to school because her car wouldn’t start. As I began to pull in her neighborhood I saw one black girl, then two, then a black young man…as I turned into her driveway I saw 3 other young black men and I thought to myself: Damn, these young black kids on their way to school are targets for hate and death, just by being blackWhy in the holy fuck is that ok?

Are these things ok to us because they aren’t happening directly to us? Are we silent because we don’t want to face the reality that our country may not be what we were lead to believe that it was?? I want to ask you this question: WHY ARE YOU SILENT?

I don’t expect everyone to be as vocal as me. I don’t expect every person to dedicate their lives to the equity of all people the way I have. But, I do expect us at some point to stop ignoring the issues. How do you stop ignoring it? By talking about it. Having conversations about race and the problems plaguing our society is NOT just for people of color to discuss. We want to reap the benefits of a multicultural society, but don’t want to face the UGLY….It’s time my friends to face the ugly. We need to be having these conversations with each other. We need to be discussing the fact that our friends, colleagues and family are being mistreated in OUR country.

If you are tired of hearing people of color pull the race card, then stop using the race card to separate yourself from “them.” At some point we need to acknowledge that regardless of someone’s skin color they are HUMAN BEINGS and deserve to be treated as such.

If you are tired of hearing about racism everyday on the news, on your social media, and every time you turn around, then STOP ALLOWING IT TO CONTINUE. When you sit silently and let someone around you talk about “them” in a negative manner then you are a perpetrator of racism and just as guilty as the person talking. There, I said it.

White people, WE are the perpetrators of racism in America. WE are the reason you keep hearing about racism on TV, on your social media and every time you turn around. And, I’m calling you out on it.

Trust me when I tell you that the conversation is EXHAUSTING….I know first hand how exhausting the conversation is. But what I want you to do now, is think about this: If the conversation alone is exhausting to US, just imagine how exhausting it must be to LIVE IT EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

I know people may get their panties in a bunch about how it’s not ALL white people. No, it’s not. But stop expecting black people to fix a white problem. Racism is OUR PROBLEM….and sadly black people are dealing with the ramifications of our own inadequacies.

Have you ever been enslaved? Were your great-great-grandparents slaves? Were your parents sent to school with US Marshalls? Were your parents bus bombed? Was your church bombed and your children murdered? Was your son gunned down in the middle of the street? Was your water poisoned? Was your land robbed from you? Were your ancestors chained to a ship with only 3ft to sit in? No? Then STFU telling black people how to FEEL. We don’t know how it feels to have lived a life in their shoes, so why are we so quick to judge how they feel and for how long they should feel that way?

Stop treating black folks as specimens of our inquiry. Stop asking random black people to touch their hair. Do I find natural hair mesmerizing? Absolutely! Do I ask my friends about how they care for their hair? Absolutely! But not random ass strangers! That’s offensive!

We don’t treat black people like people in this country. We treat them less than us. We treat them as though they are Profit & Loss sheets for our businesses we don’t treat them like human beings. It’s absurd.

I challenge you to stop being silent about injustice. I challenge you to have conversations with people about people. I challenge you to stop pulling the race card to separate yourself from someone who doesn’t look like you. I challenge you to stop placing OUR PROBLEM on everyone else, and racism is OUR PROBLEM. 

I encourage you today to be a part of the solution. We have to ADMIT there’s a problem and we have to seek answers in how to become a part of the solution instead of the problem. We have to stop being perpetrators of racism. It starts with US.

I’m exhausted, but I will continue to exhaust my heart, my mind and my soul for the equity of all people in this country. If you’re offended by words then I challenge you to ask yourself what offends you the most? Is it my words or is it what’s happening to people in our country?

For those of you reading this that aren’t sitting silently in the comfort of denial, I salute you! I know this journey is a difficult one and applaud you for not accepting the bullshit. 

Peace & Love! – LP