Hypocrisy & Taking Out the Trash

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So listen, I’ve been doing 12 Step Devotionals and re-working the 12 Steps. I’m just now starting Step 4 (Made a searching and fearless moral inventory). Last night’s devotionals were on Step 4. One was about hypocrisy and the other was about ‘taking out the trash’ or ‘confessing your sins’.
Yesterday I reached out to a Pastor friend of mine because I had some questions. But as I was typing him my questions I got these overwhelming feelings that I already knew the answers (God has the greatest sense of humor). Anyway, I haven’t really been the best child of God over the last 6 or 7 years, although I am a much better person than I was 10 or 11 years ago – I’m not who I want to be or who I’m pretty sure God intends for me to be – but I’m working on it.
I have found, in the last 2 weeks from the time I started re-working the 12 Steps through the devotionals in my Life Recovery Bible – that nearly EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I have a conversation about what I learned the night before. Either someone reaches out to me looking for encouragement or advice, or our conversation naturally develops into the lesson I had learned the night before. Crazy, right?
Fast forward to this morning and I see that a friend posted a pic of Donald Trump *insert eye roll* where Trump does not have his hand over his heart like others in the pic (which I can only assume is the national anthem or pledge) and the other was him with his head up while everyone else it appeared where heads bowed in prayer.
Seeing this made me think about my devotionals from last night in regard to hypocrisy and ‘taking out the trash.’ Before you get all bent out of shape thinking I’m going to call Trump a hypocrite and trash (not a far-fetched idea) – I’m not going to, though. 
You see, I do think Trump is a hypocrite and I think a lot of what he says is complete and utter trash, but I have to reflect on myself and I have to work on my own hyprocrisies. It’s a double edge sword. I think Trump is terrible for America. But I know that I have to start cleaning up at home (as we all do) before we can clean up our corrupt and ugly government.
I’ll continue to blog about my spiritual journey through the 12 Steps. I hope you hang on and keep reading 😉